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Trial Close
The trial close could be actually anywhere in the process, but is just a subtle question to find out if you are on the right vehicle. It could be something as subtle as

"Can you see this vehicle parked in your garage or driveway?"

Or could be as bold as, "If terms and figures are agreeable, will you buy this car today?"

I sometimes skip the trial close because too many things can change.

I always assume the customer is buying until they tell me they are not ready.

This may not come up until we are closing the deal, but I have sold more cars by assuming all customers are ready to buy today or they would not be there.

Hear are a few suggestions;

Is this for you or some else? Are you Adding or Replacing a vehicle?
What will you be using the vehicle for?
 Are you considering bigger or smaller than present vehicle?
What is your present vehicle?
Can we give you figures on your vehicle?
Why are you considering replacing it at this time?
What have you done to enhance the value of it?
What have you liked most about it?
What have you liked least about it?
Did you buy it New or Used?
How long do you keep your vehicles?
How many miles per year do you drive?
How many miles are on the car you will be replacing?
What price vehicle was it when you bought it?
Are you considering the same price range this time or more?
When is your next payment due?  *(If paid off) what were the payments?
How much will that payment be?
How did you get your payments so low?
Has your car been worth the present payment?
What do you like about your present vehicle that you would like on the new vehicle?
Why is that important?
What do you want your new vehicle to do that your present one does not do for you?  Why is that important?
What is the biggest change in since your last purchase?
Will this vehicle be used for work/pleasure?
Do you work for yourself or for someone else?
Who for?  What do you do for them? How long?
Where will most of your driving be highway or city?
Do you have any warranty left on your present vehicles?
Who will be the primary driver?  Are there any secondary drivers?
Will the other driver be involved in the selection?
What other vehicles do you presently own? Can we give you figures on that vehicle?
Would you consider selling any of the other vehicles?
Who else would be involved in a decision as important as this one?

Road to a Sale Step 9 - Trial Close

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