Step 6 - Desking - Negotiation - Paperwork - Write Up


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This is where you get all pertinent information from the car customer is buying, trading info and don't forget to get an email address.

Your write up should be so complete that a sales manager should not have to ask you anything about the deal.

Presenting a Worksheet
No numbers discussed until this point,

Salesperson will communicate the buyer’s responses to the Sales Manager.

Inside at your desk, presenting a 9 square worksheet;

“Based on the market values of the vehicle you’ve selected
And your current vehicle (if there is a trade),
We have taken the time to fully prepare 9 retail payments with various amounts down.

Simply take this pen, and circle the payment and down payment that best fits your budget,

sign at the bottom
And I’ll get the vehicle ready for you.”

Be quiet!

The first person to speak usually loses.


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