Step 4 Road to a Sale

Feature/Benefit Demonstration Drive

Salesperson driving first, discuss factory warranty, safety features, etc. During the investigation stage we have found a specific area of concern the Customer has about the vehicle (Safety, Economy, Performance, etc.)
Some of you may have heard this term before.  Others probably have no clue what I am talking about.  Before we learn how to do a million dollar presentation we have to know what to talk.  I have watched salesman all over the country attempt to show vehicles to customers.   Usually they will open the hood, point to a few things, walk around to the rear, point to a few things, and jump inside and take it for a drive.  Totally eliminating their chance to build any value in the vehicle they are showing.  

Why don’t most people take the time to do a presentation?  With our research, salesmen have told us these reasons, or excuses:

1.    They do not know what the customers are interested in because they did not take the time to investigate
2.    They want to hurry up and drive the car while the customer is wanting to drive
3.    They don’t want to waste time
4.    They don’t know what to go over
5.    It’s too hot/cold out

I will assume, if you are taking the time to read these articles, you aren’t the kind of person that makes excuses.  You want to sell more cars and make more money doing it.  That being the case, there are only 6 categories that the features of a car are broken down in to.  They are:

S – Safety

P – Performance

A- Appearance

C- Comfort

E – Economy

D – Dependability
Refer to your Sales Manager for a Demonstration Route Map for directions.

Feature presentation - Walk around the vehicle in a secluded location and open the trunk and hood, DEMONSTRATE the Features and always give a Benefit to the customer, using that feature.

Paint a Mental Picture with a relevant life experience or situation.

Then switch seats to let customer drive back to the Dealership.

In order to set the stage for negotiations;

Immediately after the demonstration drive ask;

After test drive trial close,

Other than price (pause) is there any other reason that we can't do business, NOW
(pause and head nod) while you're here?
Great! :-)
I want to make sure this vehicle is still available because we have an internet department that sells vehicles 24/7, and
I would like to give you some figures, follow me.

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