The Road to a Sale

The road to a sale is one of the first things taught in most automotive sales training courses. Whether your training is done in-house at the dealership or off site these are the building blocks of selling cars successfully. While the number of steps varies from teacher to teacher all contain these elements; some combine two or more of the steps. 

Proper Meet and Greet
Discovery - Guest Sheet and Fact Finding
Select a Vehicle from stock
World class product presentation and demonstration drive
Trade in evaluation
Getting seated and relaxed
Trial close
Write up
Negotiate and close
Proper turn to the business office
Proper delivery
Relationship Building and Follow up after the sale

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The Road to a Sale

Two Versions of A Road to a Sale

The Automotive Salesman Training Manual

How to sell cars with the Automotive salesman training manual and its 10 steps to the road to a sale. These are the most common steps I've seen taught in almost every dealership nationwide that are timeless.

Dealerships will refer to these steps as "the steps to the sale" or “The Road to a Sale” and any Automotive salesman new to the business will more than likely learn these steps, either formally or informally, on day one.

The information on this page works for both aspiring Automotive salesmen and car buyers that want to understand the sales process so they know what to expect at the Automotive dealership.

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