Ringless voicemail has been covered by several news agencies over the last few weeks.

Earlier this year, All About the Message LLC filed a petition for a declaratory ruling before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), requesting that the FCC issue a rule that would declare that delivering a voice message directly to a consumer's voice mailbox does not constitute a "call" that is subject to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act general prohibition against the use of autodialers or pre-recorded voice messages.

I wanted to share a few links to comments made by some supporters.

Republican National Committee

The US Chamber of Commerce

National Council of Higher Education Resources

News agencies post three to five new articles a day trying to make this a political issue.  When used responsibly ringless voicemail helps businesses increase productivity.  There is no call made and the end user does not get charged for a call.  Ringless voicemail is less intrusive than a Robo-Call and the consumer has the choice to listen or delete.

Ringless voicemail

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Ringless voicemail is a mobile marketing practice in which a robocall places an advertisement into a user's voicemail without calling that person.[1] The result is that when the user checks their voicemail, it will contain the "ringless voicemail" advertisement despite that person never having been called.[1]

Pending a specific decision, there is disagreement on whether existing regulations under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) apply to ringless voicemail. The argument against is that the user does not receive an incoming call, thus the practice is not intrusive. The argument for such regulation is that the result is the same as for a robocall. [2]

Various State attorneys general in the United States claimed that ringless voicemails were a type of robocall and should be under robocall restrictions.[3]

The Republican Party and the United States Chamber of Commerce favor granting business more power to send ringless voicemail to people.[4]

The National Consumer Law Center says that ringless voicemail is bad for consumers.[5]Type your paragraph here.

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