How Old-School Marketing Survived the Internet

Everyone like to feel important - VIP treatment - Roll out the Red Carpet kinda treatment.
This experience cannot be replicated on a website or in an email.
And you are correct, this is coming fro
This is a harsh reality but, true people still want to do business with people and peold they like trust and respect.
I recently read an article comparing direct mail to a Twinkie® !
Twinkie® is a brand and even millilenials know what is a Twinkie® .
Direct mail is one channel that can bulid your brand with not only your own database but also with conquest customers.
Combine direct mail with email and a live call and your impressions have doubled and so will your lead and sold counts.

3 ways to keep your mail from getting stale

Personalize It

Forbes found that 84% of people reported personalization made them more likely to open a direct mail piece. 
If your name is up in lights, you are going to stop and take a look.

Clean It

So, you are in a busy store and catch a glimpse of someone you think you know.
You start waving, smiling, and walking toward them – then opps,
you try to awkwardly explain how you thought they were someone else.
It's all about that data, that data!
Sending a customer information about the wrong vehicle.
Make sure your data is cleansed properly and often.
And add to their experience to send the right message at the right time.

Segment It

You can have too much of a good thing – even Twinkies®.
Targeting your messages to custom audiences avoids the noise.
This keeps them excited about the offers you send.
Segmentation will reactivate inactive or lost customers plus keep your current customers.

Don’t underestimate - the right message at the right time and what this can do for your business. 


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