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The Power of Long Term Follow Up

The very first thing I was told when I entered into the world of car sales was "contact them until they buy or die".
This was something that was drilled into my brain all through my first week of training and for the first 6 months of my sales career.
Upon entering the Internet department I found some veterans did not look at their Internet customers in the same way.
They shuffled through their leads vigorously trying to find a sale, and threw away people who were not ready to buy today.
Essentially they were cherry picking their prospects. I sat back after my first month and looked at my numbers thinking there has to be more. There must be something I can do with all these leads that everyone else is tossing aside.
And guess what? THERE WAS.
So, I did research on what happens to prospects;
Do they Buy from another Dealer? Brand ?
Swithch from New to Used, Used to New ?
Just not in the market?

The best method and process

I initiated my plan to contact them diligently until they either told me to buzz off or came in to buy. I began broadcast emailing all of the leads that were 30 days and older. At first I tried this every 7 days but that seemed to irritate people. So I changed it to every 2 weeks and found that they did not mind as much. I also found that if I sent information that was relative to their car inquiry I had less negative response.
Then I tried a brief survey, and was astounded when tons of prospects responsed to my simple email survey.
The email content asked them specfic questions about their shopping experience. Like a website Content is King!

Not only did I sell an extra 5-10 sales per month, but I was also able to tell if they came in and had a bad experience, or bought from my competitor or were just waiting longer. The response was amazing and my closing percentage went up to between 10 and 12 %.
Some critics of my process say that you get a great deal of people opting out, however I disagree because if you are sending valuable information and they are still in the market, they will appreciate it.
It keeps your name fresh in their mind as a reliable source.
My point is that any long term process is better than nothing.
Don't waste money on leads if you do not intend to follow them through the 90 - 120 day process.
I can assure you that if you shop most of your competitors you will find that they are not using a long term process either so why not be the first.
Take your sales to a whole new level by harnessing the power of long term follow up and show the true potential of your investment

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