The 3 Objectives of an email

Think about how you yourself read emails.
Then create emails to accomplish the following three objectives,

1- Get them delivered to the consumer’s email Inbox
We do not want the email to end up in ‘Spam’ or be labeled as a Spammer.
Create subject lines which will encourage the customer to open the email.

You have less than 3 tenths of a second before your email is deleted!

And worse - never opened.

2-The email content must be easy to read/scan.

Think about how you yourself read emails.
Do you read emails the same way you would read a book?
From left to right?
Like most people your answer is ‘No’ ! ‘I scan them’.
‘Bullet Point’ format your email in order to express each point clearly to the consumer.

Keep the total number of bullet points to 3 - 5.
Also, consider where today’s consumer reads their email ……. Smart Phones!

3- Get the end user to respond to your email!

Use a clear call to action in the body and the closing of your text.

Include links on your call to action in order to make it easy for the end user to respond

to the email.

just my two cents

Thomas Ieracitano

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