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Official NADA Web Sites

Below is the NADA Official Family of Web sites. Please reference this page if you are uncertain whether a Web site, social media page or other online resource is an authentic NADA property. If it is not listed here, it is probably NOT an official NADA site. If you are still uncertain about the source of any online activity, please contact us.

Note:  Listed below are active NADA Web sites.  NADA owns many other domains (URLs) that are not currently active.

Web sites:


Official site of the American Truck Dealers (ATD) on nada.org.

atdconventionandexpo.com (and .net and .org)

ATD Convention & Expo


NADA/IHS New York Auto Forum


NADA Dealer Academy e-College

greendrivingusa.com (and .org)

Green driving and selling tips


NADA's flagship Web site


Portal page to direct visitors to:  Nadaguides.com, nada.com/b2b and nada.org)


N.A.D.A. Used Car Guide Company (for businesses)


NADA 20 Group members


NADA 20 Group Composites

nadaconventionandexpo.com (and .org)

NADA Convention & Expo

nadafrontpage.com (and .net and .org)

NADA Newsroom


N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides Web site (for consumers)

nadainsurance.com (and .net and .org)

NADA insurance plans

nadart.org (and .com)

NADA Retirement Administrators, Inc. (NADART)


NADA Dealer Attitude Survey

nadauniversity.com (and .net and .org)

NADA University: Academy, 20 Group, Learning Hub and Resources Toolbox

Social networking platform for the next generation (NextGen) of medium- and heavy-duty truck dealers.
retirement.nadart.org NADART marketing site.


Social Media sites:

NADA Twitter:       https://twitter.com/NADAUpdate
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NADAUpdate
YouTube:    http://www.youtube.com/NADAUpdate
NADA University Twitter:       https://twitter.com/NADAUniversity
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/NADAUniversity
ATD Convention Twitter:      http://twitter.com/ATDconvention
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/ATDconvention
LinkedIn:     Group Name – ATD Convention & Expo  (There is no specific Web address because LinkedIn members are required to join the group by signing in to their account)
NADA Convention Twitter:      http://twitter.com/NADAConvention
Facebook:   http://www.facebook.com/NADAConvention
LinkedIn:     Group Name – NADA Convention & Expo  (There is no specific Web address because LinkedIn members are required to join the group by signing in to their account)
N.A.D.A. Used Car Guide Twitter:      http://twitter.com/NADAUsedCarGde
Facebook:   http://www.facebook.com/NADAUsedCarGuide
YouTube:    http://www.youtube.com/user/NADAUsedCarGuide

Blogs:         http://www.nada.com/UsedCar